Sunday, 20 November 2011

Keeping up with neighbours

We took the dogs for a walk around the neighbourhood on Saturday and counted how many houses now have solar panels, there are now nine on our regular route. It seems that once one house has installed panels others nearby have quickly followed suit. My wife took  photos of some of the systems, it's quite interesting how different each system is. These are all within half a kilometre of our house.

   The house on the left was the first to install panels in late spring and was followed by the neighbour on the right a few weeks later.

They were followed a few weeks later by their neighbour and in the last couple of weeks the next house along has installed an identical looking system, the scaffolding is still to be taken down.

A little further down the road another house had a system installed in the last two weeks.

A bit further down the road and another house had a system installed in the last week.

With the reduction in the feed in tariff rates due in the next three weeks it will be interesting to see how many more appear before the deadline.

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