Thursday, 8 December 2011

The last minute rush

Perhaps not surprisingly there has been a last minute rush to get systems installed before the 12 December deadline to qualify for the current FIT rates. In our own immediate neighbourhood there are at least another three systems that have gone up, the installers were working on Saturday and Sunday last weekend.  A neighbour of ours who had been thinking about installing a system had their system put up on Saturday. I just hope she can get her application in and accepted on time - fingers crossed for her.

Our own system has been doing nicely since the weather got a bit brighter in mid November, we just managed to achieve the predicted yield for November and seem to be doing very well so far in December. Our generation meter has just passed the 600kWh mark. I am regularly updating the information on my daily statistics page so do take a look at them if you are interested in how the system is doing.

I am still unsure how much of the energy generated we manage to use ourselves, we will probably only find out when the next quarters bill turns up and I can compare with last year. It seems likely that we are probably  using most of it at the moment as it is only a few hundred watts on the cloudy days and the PC, central heating pump and fridge  will probably consume that amount.

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