Thursday, 3 November 2011

Our system

We had our system installed on the 20 September by EVO energy. The team from EVO energy arrived at 8am and were up on the roof working before 9am, the scaffolding had gone up a few days earlier.  The work was quite noisy but progress was good. Two of the team installed the rails on the roof whilst a third one worked in the garage on the inverter and cabling. An electrician arrived to connect the system into the house mains supply which involved a power cut whilst cables were re-routed. By mid afternoon the panels were on the roof and system was ready to be commissioned. We could finally start generating our own electricity, sadly the sun had just disappeared behind a blanket of cloud so we were only generating a modest 500W, we would have to wait another day to see what the system was capable of.

Our roof faces south east and we have 16 Sanyo HIT-N240SE10 panels with a peak rating of 240W each giving a peak system output of 3.84kW.
The inverter and panels waiting to be installed

The rails and panels being installed

The panels immediately after the system was installed.
As you can see the panels cover most of the roof area. We selected the Sanyo panels as they are some of the most efficient on the market. Each panel is signifcantly smaller than equivalent 240W panels from other manufacturers meaning that we could just fit 16 onto our roof. Had we opted for cheaper panels we could only have managed to fit 12 onto our roof. This would have left us with a system with a peak capacity of around 3kW which was less than we wanted.

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