Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Changes to FIT scheme

There was a rather sudden and unexpected change to the UK FIT scheme announced on 31 October. A review of the scheme was taking place and an announcement on changes of the rates paid was expected. The big shock was both the amount that the rate was to be cut and how soon the cut would be applied. The scheme was expected to apply the new rates from April 2012 but they were applied from the 12 December. The cut was also much larger than had been predicted with the amount paid per unit falling to 21p from the current 43.1p.

This has had the effect of causing a rush to have systems installed in time to claim the current higher rate with most installers quickly having all available slots booked up. What will happen after the 12 December is the big concern, it seems these companies will see their work dry up with inevitable consequences.

One of our friends was caught out by this as she was interested in getting a system installed but had not seen the need to do anything in a rush. All of a sudden there was no time to make a considered decision, should she jump at an offer that might not be ideal or accept that she had missed out. It seems very unsatisfactory for both installers and customers.

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