Sunday, 4 March 2012

Winter quarter savings

I have now had a chance to sit down and calculate how much energy we saved from our winter quarter electricity bill. The bills for this quarter over the last three years have been very similar averaging around 1240 units so any saving was going to be quite easy to see. The bill shows that our usage this year was just 780 units which is around 63% of the previous years - very impressive. This amounts to a saving of around £55 on our bill, I have already arranged for our monthly electricity payment to be reduced significantly on the basis of this.

We have made a very big effort to make use of the solar generated electricity, my wife has been doing everything possible to use power hungry devices during the daytime. We used to run the dishwasher in the evening or overnight but this and the laundry, vacuum cleaner are now used during the daytime. In the winter it has also been possible to use the electricity to cook meals during the daytime. Stews and casseroles need cooking slowly over a few hours so they are excellent to cook during the day and then warm up for dinner.

The longer days will give us even more opportunity to make use of our own electricity. I am looking forward with interest on how the system will perform during the summer months. We had the system installed at the autumn equinox so we have only seen how it works on the shorter winter days, the next 6 months will show us just what the system is capable of.


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